Launching Concept engineering bureau.

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Since its inception in 2011, the Concept Engineering Bureau has been able to attract the attention of the building designers and owners of the building, trying to provide the following services using country’s leading designer’s art and idea.  We hope that by receiving your honorable suggestions will accelerate the improvement of these services.

Interior Design & Facade Design, Modern facade Design, Classic Facade Design, Villa Design, Home Interior Design, Shop Decor, Modern and Integrated Shop & Home Designs, Designs Based on Traditional Iranian Architecture and World Designs , Architecture and Interior Decoration of Residential Space.

With its expansion in 2015, Concept Engineering Office has expanded the scope of consulting, design and implementation of building and decoration facades, has been successful in satisfying designers and building owners in the field of facades and decoration and employers, utilizing the thought and art of the nation’s leading masters, striving to provide the following in its service and hopes to accelerate the growth of these services by receiving your suggestions.

Execution of facades, execution of villas, execution of shop decor, execution of modern and integrated designs, wood, plastic, glass, brick, composite.

It has also worked in the field of reconstruction in the following areas.

Building, rebuilding, rebuilding shops and remodeling apartments

At the request of the client, the design and execution services are provided simultaneously in the office as described below:

Providing materials and performing modern and classic building facades (composite sheets, metal,

Aluminum, HPL, Wood & Plastics, Dry Ceramics, Dry Stone, Dry Brick, Aqua Panel,

Cement Board Sheets, Slurry & Slurry Bricks, Cement Facades, Frameless Glass & Curtain Wall,

Spider, Louvre and Aluminum Double Shells

By performing various projects, it announces its readiness to serve in furtherance of this project

One of the approvals in the municipality is visual coordination in the design of urban views.

The facade design for your building should be in harmony with other neighbors in terms of both the type of material and the color requirements.

The Concept engineering bureau has a team of experts in facade design and is on your side from consulting to implementation.

Reconstruction of the building and design of the villa are other services of our company.

The Concept  engineering bureau is by you till a good decision.

One of the characteristics that sets us apart from competitors is the feasibility of the designs that they give you.

Designing facades by the design team and supervised by the technical manager.

Given the coordination required between the technical unit and the executive, it is certain that the plans are executable.

You can contact us to buy and sell these products:

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Ceramics Facades|Handrails|Terracotta Facade|Thermowood
WPC Wood Plastic|facades glass|dryfacade (Aluminum Louvers)
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Curtain Wall|Frameless glass facade|Aluminum louver
Skylight glass|Dry ceramic|Dry stone|aluminum profile
Glass Aluminum handrails|Composite sheet|Wood-plastic(WPC)
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