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Selling all kinds of aluminum profile models

This complex with possession of a complete and accurate database of sections in different industries as well as aluminum extrusion presses with different capacities, powder paint line and anodizing line, as well as applying new engineering techniques has been able to offer modern services in this sector of the industry.

With a simple search on our site you can find the address, contact number and trading price of all types of aluminum profile models and also on the site these types of aluminum profiles can be found and with comparing different prices and qualities, order a good product.

These days, with the progress of technology, online buying and selling offers you a wider and more different range of offered products, quickly and easily make you acquainted with all kinds of aluminum profile prices. With the professional advice of our experts, you can get enough information about all types of aluminum profiles and make the necessary purchases after reviewing them. These sites will provide you with unique and high quality products tailored to your needs.

Aluminum profiles have many applications because of their light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. Its applications include aerospace, construction and transportation, transportation and…

These days, the Internet has created a good platform for sellers and buyers around the world to get better acquainted with the type of activity they are doing, and to get a cheaper price.

Among the benefits that can be mentioned to this style of direct and indirect purchasing are:

Completely Understanding of the product variety

Uses that the product can have

Shop discounts

Have instant and daily festivals

Get to know the latest models of the world

Compare several models simultaneously

Review the general specifications of each product

Best Maintenance, Installation or operating

Contact the relevant expert about buying and selling

Online using of consultants

Here are some types of aluminum profiles, and then we will present you a more complete description of them:

Curtain Wall Aluminum Profiles

Frameless Aluminum profile

Door and window aluminum profiles

Grooved industrial Aluminum profile

Thermal break window profiles


Coronet profiles

Swing system

Shutters system

Rolling mesh system

Cans and sheets

Shields and corners

Sliding system

Allodex system

Fine Profile

ST profile

Small wall and single wall

Shield profiles

Cans profiles

Z Profiled

Automotive Industry Sections

Pipes and fittings

Billet Casting

Round bars

Six-sided rods

Types of proprietary extruded sections

Special Profiles

Industrial profiles

Rail Profile

Double shells door and window profiles

View profile

Balcony front profile

Refrigerator floor profiles

Electric Shutters Profile

Dry ceramic installation equipment

Light Sky Profiles

Louvre aluminum profile

Curtain Wall Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum lamella is one of the building and doors and windows profiles that are used in proper dimensions and size with the overall structure of the building. Selling of this model of profile is usually done as wholesale and at an affordable and standard price in the market.

As we move forward, the overall shape of the buildings has changed dramatically greatly, moving away from the traditional and villa form to the high-rise, multi-story apartments.

This has also had a significant impact on the lighting degree of buildings, especially on the upper floors which can be both beneficial and annoying!

In order to better manage the amount of light and energy you receive, you need to utilize a number of new and modern building materials used in the modern construction industry.

One of these beautiful and affordable tools is a variety of profile models featuring high quality aluminum molds.

Aluminum lamella is a structure that mounts wide and double glazing glasses on special profiles.

This helps to control the amount of light received and to prevent energy loss.

One of the benefits of this new and stylish aluminum profile system is that it is a great replacement for iron metal and can help save energy. Curtain wall lamella is a glass wall mounted on an aluminum lamella. In terms of prices they are offered to customers in bulk and cheap price.

Among the technical and physical features that can be mentioned for a variety models of aluminum lamellas are:

Overall beautification of the building facade

Great lighting to the inside

Prevent energy loss

Prevention of excessive heat inside the building

Prevent indoor cooling

Better temperature control

The best option to adjust the temperature of the building

Having a healthy, natural light

Excellent resistance to natural factors such as snow, rain, etc.

Door & Window Reinforcement

Aluminum lamellas are relatively lightweight portable profiles that fit easily together and include a simple connection.

Some of the features that can be mentioned for a variety of models of lamellas include:

Excellent flexibility

Good resistance to heat and cold

Helps to balance the environment temperature

Fix possible building defects, especially in the facade

Provide beautiful and eye catching scenery

Help integrate the glass

Great variety in color

Good and durable malleability

Wholesale of different types of aluminum lamella.

Wholesale of all types of aluminum lamellas are usually done through the site and the authorized agents that work in this field.

Frameless aluminum profile

Wholesale of frameless aluminum profile. We buy this product directly and without any intermediary from the manufacturing plant and offer wholesale and at the factory prices to a variety of markets.

In these facades, which are completely glassy in appearance, frameless glass profile are used. These profiles are of very high quality, unlike the old, duplicate designs, such as security glass profiles which is produced by recycled materials with low-quality. Glossy polished profiles are available for sale in gold, silver and champagne according to customer requirements.

These jars are mounted on aluminum molds. We call these molds, the frameless glass profiles the interesting thing is that the distance between the glasses is designed so that the frame under the glass is not visible from outside the building. Frameless is very popular all over the world because of their beautiful appearance and design.

The reason for using aluminum in the construction of the frameless profile is the lightness, strength and remarkable ductility of the metal used, and then the glass is mounted to the profile so that aluminum has the least possible visibility.

  • Frames in a variety of colors can be used in this facade.
  • Built-in hidden gaskets perform the sealing task easily and allow it to be used throughout our beloved country, especially in humid regions.
  • These profiles create a separating boundary between the main structure and the facade structure.

Door & Window Aluminum Profiles:

Aluminum windows are in several types, the old type are connected with rebar and cannot be double glazed. Although ST aluminum windows are old aluminum windows they have the ability to be double-glazed. But the new generation of aluminum windows, the most important of which are “Thermal Bricks” have very good technical specifications.

The benefits of aluminum windows include:

  • High strength, which is very suitable for areas with harsh climates
  • Its weight is very low, about two kilograms
  • No flaking
  • Recyclability
  • Its slim frame that offers a unique view.

But there are the following disadvantages for aluminum doors and windows:

  • The cost of these types of windows is high
  • Possibility of separating paint and staining from their surface
  • Need to regular lubrication
  • Transfer of energy in its cheap and conventional type
  • And …. .

Thermal break window profiles:

The recently introduced Thermal Break Window profiles have many advantages and applications. Major purchase of this model from new and modern profiles is recommended by engineers and contractors who are well aware of its benefits.

Looking back at some of the houses and buildings that were built in the past, and careful attention to the type of architecture and application of the doors and windows used in it, you can really see the difference in style from about 1 to 2 decades ago!

In the past architecture, ordinary glass was often used, and the type of metal used in construction was iron, which also led to a great loss of energy.

But today the style and architecture of buildings is very different from the past, and even people who have no background in this field can understand it well.

Most simple door and window models are double-glazed and anti-impact, which can be cost effective.

Thermal break window profiles are among the latest in the door and window construction industry and offer many benefits to the buyer.

The new Thermal Break window profiles are models of heat and sound insulated double-glazed glass that can be easily used.

This model of profile can only be mounted on aluminum metal to be fruitful.

Among the features and characteristics that can be described for a Thermal Break profile are:

  1. Easily mounted on aluminum.
  2. They are heat insulated.
  3. Sound insulation.
  4. Prevents the penetration of contamination into the building.
  5. They are resistant to possible blows.
  6. No loss of energy.
  7. They are compact and lightweight.
  8. They maintain their strength against fire and high heat.
  9. They do not break easily.
  10. due to the possible blow it won’t be powdered and won’t fall.

The benefits of using a Break Profile window are:

  1. Better regulation of indoor air temperature
  2. Prevent contaminated air and dust from entering the building
  3. Creating equal heat in the environment
  4. High heat resistance and possible fire
  5. Sound impermeability
  6. Extensive in diversity and structure.
  7. They are beautiful and compact.
  8. Easy installation and connection
  9. Long life span

Sky Light Profiles

Double-glazed skylight profiles are examples of beautiful glass ceilings that look nice on various buildings. The price of this model of profiles is considered good and cheap considering its kind and size.

You may also have come to a place with a beautiful glass roof and the possibility of seeing the sky from there.

For most people, this is a great attraction and will enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere as well as enjoying its cleanliness while using natural light.

This model of engineered glass roofs is called the Sky Light, which is manufactured with the help of sturdy and durable profiles.

Double glazed skylight profiles as it is obvious by its name, it is made of double glazed glasses which can easily resist on natural factors such as wind, rain, snow and so on.

The prices of this unique model of constructional facade will vary depending on the type and size they have, but in any it is an affordable and cost effective option.

Skylights are easy to install and lightweight and portable, which is an important option for buyers.

Good to know that skylights are usable in any kind of indoor and outdoor space, and fortunately there are no restrictions.

Aluminum Louvre profiles

The price of aluminum Louvre in the market for the sale of building materials and facades is well established and to some extent depends on how it is installed and used.

Types of Louvre models have the following features:

It is lightweight

It can also be installed as a louver.

Regulates indoor temperature.

It blocks direct sunlight into the building.

Reducing the visibility of the outside.

Can be mounted on walls or stones.

In Some cases it can be installed without wall.

Well adapted to different climates.

The price of the aluminum Louvre can also be determined based on its kind and mold.

The types of models of the new aluminum Louvre system can be divided into the following:

Spindle-shaped aluminum Louvre

Cubic aluminum Louvre

Fixed aluminum Louvre

Removable aluminum Louvre

Wooden aluminum Louvre and…

The best type of aluminum Louvre can be determined by measuring the characteristics that we will mention below.

Whether vertical or horizontal

Light or heavy

Excellent protection against various factors.

Help building security.

Good point to know that Louvre plays an important role in controlling harmful UV radiation, especially in areas that are very light.