Spider facade

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The main use of the Spider View is in commercial and office buildings and no vertical or horizontal structures are seen on the glass plate.

In general, the Spider facade features a variety of structural systems like steel, cable and glass structures that are used for building, loading and costing purposes.

The use of any type of glass structure in this facade is permitted, which is determined by the environmental conditions and the use of the facade.

Like all building facades, the Spider has advantages and disadvantages that limit its use in certain situations.


Complex Pop-up details

Requires continuous control to properly seal

The need for structural computation and control by civil engineers compared to similar systems such as Curtin Wall’s simple computing software


Lightweight of structures and fittings

Integrated view transparency

Simplicity of implementation details

Possibility to implement complex surfaces without the need to form structures

Variety of spider facade subsystems

Resistance to earthquake force through the possibility of facade movement

Spider with metal truss structure

Spider Cable

Space Frame Exhibition

Fin Glass

Spider Clamp / X

Double-glazed Spider glass

Spider facade Types:

Spider facade is one of the most attractive types of building facade that has few structures and was uniformly visible. This type of facade has several types as follows:

Tubular spider model

Glass fin spider model

Cable spider model

It should be mentioned that, the most common and widely used type of spider facade is a tube spider with a different diameter and thickness. This product is selected depending on the geographical location.

Spider Facade is an example of the best types of modern glass facade that is self-static and can be ordered at reputable sites.

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