Composite System

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Composites are manufactured from different countries, but the Middle East has been active in exporting of best composite.

Composite aluminum sheets can be used in below building facades and locations:

  • covering facade of the building
  • Covering and rebuilding old views
  • Decoration and interior design
  • Ceiling of gas station
  • Beneath surface of the shop signage
  • Design and implementation of exhibition booths
  • Ceiling cover for protection due to the strength of the composite
  • And …

Exports of different types of high quality composites to the countries of the world are done by reputable companies and of course we have been introduced as a manufacturer of all kinds of composite parts in the world and we use the best workforce and specialized engineers in this field.

Due to the development of our company policies as well as the improvement of product quality, we will always see a bright future for exporting our products to foreign countries. Why our manufactured composites are introduced as top export products?

  1. Improving quality and service
  2. Use Certified Builders
  3. Advice from specialist engineers
  4. Use of advanced and updated machinery

The composite can be installed in three general ways:

Hang, Fix, H&L (H&L), we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each them.

Run the composite view in three way, that Hang is the old composite system.

Fix system that is the newest composite installation and execution system.

The newer runs on H and L, which is a much simpler system.

The cost of implementing the Hang system now varies from about 450,000 to 600,000 tomans depending on the installation system.

Basically, the Hang system is almost not implemented because of the price and difficultness of installing it.

But the reasonable system to install a composite is fix system, on which it can be mounted one edge return or two edge return.

So it can be considered the best way to install it in most projects.

This method is suggested to be implemented in this office too.

Unless the cost of its return edges which increase the volume by 1.5 times, create a financial problem.

In that case H and L system can be used, that the final work area is less than fix system.

The work speed is also much higher, but it is unlikely to be installed very tightly

Ultimately there may be final vibration due to a tremendous wind so this method is not very recommended.

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