Glass Fencing System, handrail

Aluminum handrails are referred to as aluminum pipes or profiles that are mounted horizontally on the walls or upper part of all types of aluminum railings or stainless steel railings for ease of access to stairways. The different colors in the aluminum handrails make it easy to choose our aluminum handrails according to our design and taste. Common designs and colors used in aluminum handrails can be: silver aluminum handrail, golden aluminum handrail, bronze aluminum handrail, black aluminum handrail, wooden handrail aluminum and…. Installation and use of aluminum handrails are just like other steel handrails, iron handrails and wooden handrails. Aluminum Handrail, steel Handrail, Wooden Handrail and Iron Handrail are different. Handrail wall fittings are generally divided into conventional and fabric categories, fabric lifts are superior in quality, construction, durability and price on conventional lifts. The use of aluminum handrails is one of the requirements for safety and beauty of staircases that cannot have railing, such as; office, commercial, residential, sports, etc. The price of aluminum handrail is per meter length, in the meantime the type of aluminum, its design, fittings, etc. affect the price of aluminum handrail.