Frameless glass facade

Frameless glass facade is the simplest and cheapest way to have a smooth glass surface.

Because from the outside view only a one- centimeter seam can be seen and the entire surface of the glass is visible.

The Frameless glass facade is a metal structure with a 40*40-can, surface of which is covered by an aluminum frame and glass.

The best profile is the 8-tire profile, which is the best type of profile.

There are 6- tire, 4-tire and 2-tire profiles, even without sealing tire.

In the other cases, the consuming tires or aluminums are still reduced.

Eventually either work sealing or work ventilation are affected.

In many cases a fraction of these tires fill with adhesive to complete sealing.

If the cost is important to you, and if you want to have a low-cost slick glass in a short time, use a frameless window.

For residential units the Frameless window is not recommended and is more useful for office units.

The frameless is more like a normal window, and the back of the windows from the inside is isothermal with the outside.

But in other cases, this heat transfer can be reduced, by other arrangements.

Normal or Thermal Break windows are best for residential units.

The difference between the normal and the thermal window is in the temperature difference between the two sides of the profile is due to the profiles details.

In Curtin Wall’s view, its two types, U-channel and Full Frameless, are also known as Frameless.

In some cases, single-walled 10-milimeters security glasses are also referred to as frameless glass.

In fact, Frameless Glass with 40 * 40 cans is the same as full-detail frameless Curtin Wall.

That has reduced the amount of tires that have been used to replace aluminum cans.

If you want a perfectly flat surface without even a centimeter clamp, use the U-Channel system.

Of course, the U-channel system works well with smoked glass and covers the entire seam.