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Execution of the best backyard sliding roof

It is necessary to pay attention to two very important points to execute the best sliding roof for the backyard.

  1. Apparent quality and beauty
  2. The quality of the materials used in the formation of the roof, such as the quality of the parts, screws, etc.
skylight and sliding roof

Our engineers have been able to produce durable and beautiful products. Also they using the latest methods in the world, lifting the quality level of sliding ceilings. These products are available in the market.

best sliding roof

The best sliding roof

Standard sliding roofs must have several important properties, which are as follows:

  • Strength: the strength of the sliding roof is very important in the Middle East. Because in many countries, executors implement the sliding roof of this structure on the ground. However, the use of sliding roofs in the Middle East may be on a balcony on the top floor of a building. This means placing the structure at a point of the building with the most load of the wind. Therefore, designers should design it for resistance to strong winds.
  • Fabric membrane: It is necessary to use a suitable cover for sliding ceilings. Specialists use Fabrics with properties such as sunlight-resistant, and fireproof and lightweight.
Application of sliding roof

Application of sliding roof

The backyard is an open environment that is not widely used in houses.

However, you can turn this unused environment into a very beautiful place to spend your free time by implementing a movable roof. It is possible with designing a sliding roof for a backyard.

model of sliding roof
sliding roof model
sliding roof model

Also, you can use This place as a beautiful greenhouse. A greenhouse that has a roof in the cold seasons and in the spring and summer you can use the outside air by moving the roof. Or by placing some tables and chairs, you can build a cozy place to study.

You can use the ceiling in the days with the burning sun and enjoy watching the starry sky at night.

sliding roof models

A variety of sliding roof models

The engineers have designed and executed sliding roofs with many different designs so that each customer can easily choose the desired roof according to their taste.

sliding roof implementation
sliding roof implementation

You can receive a very stylish and functional sliding roof. The costs and duration of implementation vary depending on the type of structure, its area, and its model.

You can contact us to buy and sell these products.

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