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Supply of Skylight glass roof at a representative set price


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The skylight glass roof is a beautiful structure made of glass instead of the usual materials. And you can use it in the construction of the roof.

In other words, this type of structure is a very interesting and beautiful solution as well as it is environmentally friendly.

The glass roof, with the help of sunlight, saves energy instead of using electricity as a light source.

Skylight glass roof

Introducing SkyLight

The Skylight system is a glass roof. Firstly, in implementation, metal IP boxes are welded in the perimeter of the area. However, the Glass portion is a large area of the roof in proportion to the dimensions of the metal IP boxes.

Then, executors install Skylight aluminum profiles on the metals as glass retainers.

Skylight glass roof 3d model
Skylight glass roof model

skylight model
skylight model

This type of system saves energy by optimizing the use of sunlight as a natural light producer, instead of electric currents.

Specialists design The structure of this type of glass to withstand strong winds as well as heavy snow and ice during the cold seasons.


Application of Skylight glass roof

  1. It illuminates the building with direct or indirect sunlight entry.
  2. you have a good view of the outside of the building and you can enjoy the surrounding spaces.
  3. It exchanges the air inside of the building and makes the environment enjoyable.
skylight glass roof

Supply of various types of glass roof

There are different types of glass roof available in the market, including:

  • Roof windows
  • Void roof
  • Sloping roofs
  • Skylights

And many other items that are designed and built according to the needs and tastes as well as the customer’s desired cost.

In order to use these modern and up-to-date structures, you should refer to one of the authorized dealers of Skylight roofs with considering your financial capacity.

skylight glass roof production
skylight glass roof production
skylight glass roof production

In conclusion, after reviewing the existing designs, select the structure you need. Then entrust the responsibility for its construction to the experienced engineers.

Entrusting these agencies makes the work clean and standard. Also, we pay a more reasonable price.

You can contact us to buy and sell these products.

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