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Online sales of construction frameless façade | frameless door

Frameless is a type of double-glazed glass, that one of them is larger than the other. The integration and beauty of frameless glass increased its use in modern buildings. in producing double-glazed glass frames, the wider layer of glass is glued directly to the metal frame using silicone glue. The frameless facade and frameless door create a completely glassy space.

This type of structure is a great option for people who want to have a unique and continuous view of their surroundings.

construction frameless façade

Application of frameless door in buildings

the Frameless door works easily with just a touch of a button. Also, Designers can change the design of doors and windows according to the customer’s taste and order.

The frameless door has different designs that can be opened from both the center and the sides. Ideal and good sliding doors and windows can withstand harsh weather conditions.

frameless door and framelss facade

Advantages of building frameless façade

  • Creating an integrated visual level
  • No restrictions on color
  • Non-detectability of door and window openable frames from outside the building
  • Possibility of installation from inside the building without the need for scaffolding
  • Excellent water and air sealing
  • Easy and convenient installation
  • Having hidden washers for sealing
  • Ability to execute with all aluminum
  • Ability to create a clear boundary between the facade structure and the main structure
frameless façade

Online sales of construction frameless façade

Today, most people have started buying and installing double-glazed frameless glass due to noise pollution as well as air pollution. also, The manufacturers of this product have offered the frameless facade in different methods according to the needs of the society. One of these methods is the online supply of this product.

construction frameless façade

In this sales method, the customer enters the desired site and considers the different designs, and prices of different companies.

Then, according to his/her taste and needs, he/she chooses a type of product and consults with active consultants in this field, and buys the best type.

The price of frameless glass varies according to the area, type of design, and the material used in it. Specialists calculate the price according to the mentioned factors.

You can contact us to buy and sell these products.

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