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Sale of Curtain Wall and Frameless façade

Experienced engineers design Curtain Wall and Frameless façade. So to buy these products and execute them, we provide them through this website.

Implement the Curtain Wall and Frameless façade with the latest technology in the world.

The emergence of Curtain Wall is related to the 19th century and now it is at its peak. However, I can say that this type of architecture is progressing day by day and its implementation technology is becoming more advanced.

In general, if we want to introduce the Curtain Wall and Frameless façade:

I must say, it is a kind of glass façade but with precise and worked engineering.

Today, specialists know the curtain wall as a modern façade.

curtain wall

Curtain Wall details

Executors use much equipment to execute the curtain wall facade.

One of them is aluminum profiles, which are used to place glass.

Curtain Wall glass facade is made of aluminum lamella and glass.

You may think that this facade will be heavy, but it should be noted that it is a light facade, which also carries its weight.

Curtain Wall details

The price of Curtain Wall and Frameless façade

Frameless Curtain Wall is a type of glass facade, the use of which is increasing dramatically.

Although it is expensive, it is still used for commercial and office buildings.

Of course, the price of Frameless and Curtain Wall facades depends on many things like the type of profiles, country of manufacture, material and type of fittings, and so on.

Curtain Wall detail

Curtain Wall Detail -DWG

Curtain Wall is one of the most important building facades. So, its use is also increasing.

At first, the price of a curtain wall may be higher, but in the long-run, you will see that you have done the best kind of facade economically.

Because in the coming years, with the development of this type of facade, you can make changes in the facade of your building at a lower cost.

Curtain Wall and frameless glass façade

Curtain Wall and frameless glass façade

Glass facades are among the facades that attract anyone who owns a commercial building to use the Curtain Wall and Frameless facades. Because it makes building beautiful and attractive.

you can use These facades with many retaining structures.

Depending on the type of used structure, of course, its price will also change.

Some of the types of structures that are widely used in the world:

Stainless steel, metal pipes, metal pipes with a stainless steel coating, and so on, which also cost less.

Of course, curtain wall attachment is another category of supporting structures.

Curtain Wall and frameless façade

Curtain Wall and Frameless Executive Engineering Company

Concept Engineering Company is working in the field of Curtain wall and Frameless facade execution with years of experience in the wold.

To connect with this company, you can visit the website.

Contact us to buy and sell these products.

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