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Louver sales center

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The louver sales center is part of the aluminum industrial factory that sells aluminum products, especially several types of Louver. It is good to know that some centers are only dedicated to selling all kinds of louvers.

Louver sales center

Louver sales center

These sales centers offer aluminum products and Louvers in the market.

For information about the Louver sales centers, you can contact the phones listed on the website of the industrial groups of aluminum products. In addition to receiving the address of the Louver sales centers, you can get information about prices and other sales information.

These centers are generally including construction companies and aluminum façade companies.

louver implementation

Louver facade in the construction industry

One of the facades used a lot in the construction industry is the Louver façade. If we look for its application, its important application is the control of sunlight. Besides, it increases the appearance and beauty of the building.

After finishing the infrastructure of the building, you can implement this façade in the building. You can execute this façade to the building made of brick, stone, and other materials.

The louvers are placed horizontally and vertically on the building façade surface.

In addition to controlling direct sunlight, louvers increase the strength of the building and prevent visibility of the inside of the building from outside.

Executors select the profiles for the Louver installation according to the budget and weather conditions of the area. Different Louver profiles are made of different materials. For instance: Iron

  • Wood
  • aluminum
  • Composite sheets

And so on

louver sales center

Types of Louver in the market

There are many types of louvers in the market, divided into three categories in terms of shape and model, two of which we have described.

The spindle-shaped aluminum louver

In this louver, aluminum parts are spindle-shaped, which are beautiful and at the same time have a special elegance.

Usually, specialists attach the spindle-shaped louvers to the aluminum shade frame and then implement it to the facade.

For instance, some of the features of these louvers:

  • The diameter of these louvers is 100 to 400 mm.
  • Made of aluminum alloy.
  • Reduces sunlight by 80%.
  • Its energy efficiency is 30%.

Cubic louvers

These louvers are in the shape of a cube and made from aluminum.


These Aluminum louvers are in fixed and movable forms.

Fixed louvers

These louvers are popular because of easy installation and maintenance. Also, you can use them with any façade.

Movable louvers

These louvers have a remote control (switch) that is derived from modern technology in construction.

In conclusion, if you want to buy, sell, or implement these products you can contact us.

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