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Manufacturer of high-quality curtain wall | curtain wall types

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The manufacturer of the high-quality curtain wall types uses fully automatic and advanced devices in their product lines.

We produce all High-quality curtain wall types according to international standards.

Manufacturer of high-quality curtain wall

Manufacturer of high-quality curtain wall

The factories of the high-quality curtain wall are producing these products using two important factors: experienced specialists and advanced machinery.

Our factories with produce in compliance with predetermined international standards in addition to development in the market has won prestigious certificates from all over the world.

Also, the Valid aluminum brand is one of the companies producing high-quality Curtin Wall, which in addition to Curtin Wall, also has been involved in the production of aluminum and extrusion molding.

curtain wall types

One of the industrial groups in this field produces more than 10 tons of these products and sends them to the market.

High-quality curtain wall in the market

We produce first-class curtain wall from high-quality parts. Three main parts that have important application in the execution of a curtain wall, we discuss them in the following:

Aluminum profiles

One of the uses of aluminum profiles is in the installation of a curtain wall façade. Aluminum profiles application is not limited to façade construction, but various industries use it. For example:

  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Electricity and facilities
  • Consumer goods

And so many other industries…

curtain wall

Double-glazed glass

Specialist widely uses two or three-layer glass in the industry. The main important benefit of this glass is heat and cold insulation, and sound insulation.

So The applications of double-glazed glass are in many public buildings, including hospitals, museums, libraries, and so on.

After installing the curtain wall, to prevent penetrating anything in the façade, under every condition, it will seal with rubber.

curtain wall

All kinds of curtain wall types

The structure of the curtain wall facade uses an aluminum compound. Its aluminum profile is called “lamella”.

In the Curtin Wall facade, the lamella is placed horizontally (transom) or vertically (mullion).

The types of lamella used in the curtain wall are different. besides, the use of different lamella makes different curtain wall types.

curtain wall

Types of lamella

  • Aluminum lamella
  • steel lamella
  • wood lamella

Also, Insulation is very important in all types of lamella. Because it protects you against anything.

For this reason, manufacturers provide grooves in the design of the lamella that you can connect the sealing rubber to the facade structures.

If you want good insulation of the glass profiles, be sure to use polyamide rubber. However, this facade has high insulation.

In the factories of Curtin Wall facade, it is first produced and prepared and then enters the market.

You can contact us to buy and sell these products.

Types and examples of curtain wall construction and execution

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Detailed technical and executive information for those interested

Also, Here are some of the capabilities of this company:

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