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Curtain Wall price list

List of Price of Curtain Wall

Specialized websites publish the price list of Curtain Wall façade and foreign brands with high quality. Of course, the price of Curtain Wall façade of any type of building is different. For more detailed information Get in touch with our consultants.

The price of Curtain Wall with material starts from about 60 US dollars and according to the ordered details, it will increase up to 250 US dollars.

To receive better pre-invoice, please send the division building plans, the type of glass and brand of the lamella, the color, and the other items you want, to the sales management number.

Curtain Wall price list

When implementing the facade of any building, you should consider different points, so that you can execute a suitable facade. One of the things you need to know is answering the following questions.

  1. What are the height of the building and the number of floors?
  2. What are the facades of the surrounding buildings?
  3. Which area is the building located in?
  4. What is the facade of the buildings?
  5. What is the cost of the execution facade?

If you answer these questions correctly, you will be able to relatively understand the façade that is supposed to be executed for your building.

curtain wall

Curtain Wall Façade

The curtain wall is a modern façade whose beautiful and advanced designs are increasing day by day.

Executors use Aluminum profiles as well as glass to execute a curtain wall in buildings.

Different brands place glass in frames made by different structures.

In the past, the exterior facade carried the entire load of the building, but today this is not the case.

curtain wall facade

Curtain Wall façade structure

Curtain Wall façade of buildings are usually completely industrialized.

Due to their strength, they are well resistant to earthquakes, wind, water penetration, heat and cold exchange, and so on.

As mentioned in the previous section, this type of building facade, depending on the type of execution they have, they can only bear their weight. So, This is very effective in increasing its strength and resistance.

curtain wall

Advantages of Curtain Wall façade

  • Light structure
  • Less energy consumption
  • Insulation of the building in terms of sound, heat, and humidity
  • Adequate lighting in the building
  • System execution is fast
  • Curtain Wall execution can be prefabricated.
  • Curtain Wall execution can be semi-prefabricated.
  • Very attractive appearance
  • Specific effects on the system
  • Resistant to earthquakes

And so on.

All of these features are effective in increasing the use of these facades.

price of curtain wall

Price of Curtain Wall Façade

Engineering companies are the best choice to buy and execute the Curtain Wall. Also, you can receive the price of its implementation along with its other costs.

You can get the price of Curtain Wall facade by visiting these centers.

Websites also provide good information to customers in this regard.

Buying and selling Curtain Wall

To buy the best type of curtain wall, you can refer to the companies available in the provincial centers as well as the internet websites.

You can contact us to buy and sell these products.

Types and examples of curtain wall construction and execution
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Detailed technical and executive information for those interested 

Also, Here are some of the capabilities of this company:

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