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Incredible price of Curtain Wall facade

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The unbelievable price of curtain wall facade is a special opportunity. It gives good discounts to customers. So The incredible price of this facade is low.

Incredible price of Curtain Wall facade

Curtain Wall facade implementation in the construction industry

The choice of curtain wall facade in the construction industry is the best choice you can make. The implementation of the Curtain Wall facade by taking into account various factors follows two general principles:

Facade strengths and facade visual lines (to determine the design, which building architect will design the façade.)

There are several methods to implement the curtain wall facade, which we will briefly name each.

curtain wall facade

Stick method

In this method, most of the installation work of Curtain Wall facade is done as a set or group, Including All the parts that are done in the implementation of Curtain Wall facade (profile, double-glazed glass, rubber for sealing)

To install in this method, executors must place the vertical profile on the horizontal profile by galvanized brackets. The placement of this facade must be both row and size, and the installation time will take longer.

Framed method

Installation in This method has made a higher strength. In addition, our colleagues deliver these products to customers, at the factory, ready for installation.

This means that in the factory the glass is attached to the aluminum frame. In this method, executors make the connections by horizontal and vertical lamellae. Also, executors can implement This method faster.

Face cap method

If the architect has specified the facade lines, the caped system is used.

Depending on the horizontal or vertical shape of the cap, specialists divide it into a semi-complete or complete façade.

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Curtain wall facades, which use half-caps, only one line of glass will be caped. It can cover the horizontal or vertical lines of glass.

curtain wall facade

All kinds of frameless curtain wall in the market

The frameless Curtain Wall façade has an aluminum frame that holds the glass. You can find Frameless facade in the market in the form of:

The frameless U Chanel

This system is lightweight and specialists design it for installing in low-rise buildings. Because it does not tolerate heavy loads. Also, it is So economical.

Framed method

This system is more strength than the previous system. Besides factories, provide it in the form of “ready to install”.

Face cap method

In the face-cap system, our colleagues place the glass on the Lamella structure and they fix the cap with Lamella.

curtain wall facade implementation

Executors use different caps with different dimensions for different frames, which are usually 5 cm wide.

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Types and examples of curtain wall construction and execution

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